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Who Am I ? & How Can I Help?

My name is Randolph Greenwald and I am an experienced attorney serving all of North East, Ohio committed to providing a personal level of attention and excellent legal representation to all of my clients.

I am prepared to fight for you to solve your legal problems, including defending clients against criminal prosecution from simple traffic citations misdemeanors and OVIs to serious felony charges:

  • I am an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented clients in courts all over North East Ohio.  I have experience representing clients charged with possession or trafficking of heroin, Marijuana, fentanyl, cocaine, LSD and other drugs.  I also have experience representing clients charged with drunk driving/ OVI as well as lesser driving offenses like speeding.  I’m experienced in representing clients charged with violent crimes and theft offenses including burglary.  As a criminal defense attorney I take a diligent and detailed approach to examining the evidence and the methods used to collect it with a focus on excluding illegally collected evidence and mitigating the impact of evidence I can’t exclude.  I take a tough stance with prosecutors and I will demand a deal my client is happy with or force them to prove their case at trial.  For more information on my criminal defense practice, see Areas of Practice above

Representing employees against their employers: 

  • I am an attorney with experience representing Employees and employers.  I handle employment law cases including: ADA disability discrimination, FLSA unpaid overtime cases and sexual harassment cases.  If you’ve been wronged by your employer I will fight to make it right.

Representing businesses: 

  • I’m an experienced business lawyer, offering legal representation to start up, and established businesses in transactions and litigation.  I can help you organize a new business, negotiate contracts with third parties, and sue businesses and individuals who fail to live up to their word.  In business legal issues can arrive unexpectedly and cause crippling expense.  My focus is on advising businesses with a mind towards avoiding expensive problems before they happen.

If you have legal problems involving these, or other issues don’t hesitate to contact me for a free initial consultation. I’m committed to working with clients to provide excellent legal assistance they can afford.